Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Back...

    Ok I know it has been a while but I can explain.....I've had an eventful past few months. A few days after my first and last posting I started teaching a Pre-K class. Although it was only temporary, it was the second highlight of the year for me. It was such an amazing experience for me as a new teacher. As a recent graduate (May 2011)  in Early Childhood PreK-3rd, I am SUPER excited about crawling into my first classroom. Now I only dream of the day that I will spend my money away on classroom goodies. Well maybe I will get a little crafty and save a little $$$ in the process. Either way I am so ready to have my "own" classroom.
     There is so much more to this story than I have already said. Where do I start....Before I started teaching the ADORABLE Pre-K class this last fall I thought I had my vision for my future classroom set. Boy was I wrong. Being in someone else's classroom really gets your brain skipping, hopping, and jumping all at once. The classroom I was in was amazing. The teacher was so organized, as am I. It was almost perfect. The "almost" being that it was not "my" classroom. As I learned to accept that, I also learned many valuable lessons during those 8 weeks that I will carry with me forever.
     After the 8 weeks in Pre-K I started substituting at different schools. Mainly PreK-4th. I was able to add more ideas to my ever-growing list of classroom to-do's and goodies. Even though I know that I will not know exactly how I will decorate my classroom until I actually get a classroom, I am all giddy about the idea. A girl can dream right?:)
      Finally you are almost to the end of my post....Can you see the light?? After saying all of that I will get to my last point. When I first started this blog I did not really have much direction for it. I just thought I would post here and there about my views on education and the ever changing world. Now I have a whole new vision. I want my blog to be a place educators, parents, etc can go to for printables, classroom ideas, resources, lesson plans, checklist, goodies, and any other resource they may need to educate and inspire students. So now I encourage you to post your ideas, lesson plans, resources, etc in the comment section under this posting and I promise I will post them on my blog and even on my Delicious account (which I LOVE). For your comments you will get a follow and a big THANK YOU! I hope you all have a blessed day and Happy Posting.

                                                                   ~Missy Leonard